Hey Look, It's Friday.

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We're hoping that as soon as you're finished reading this post you can pack up your things and head home for the day. It's Memorial Day weekend! Here's our advice for a successful long weekend.

1. Avoid retail stores. Ikea, RC Willey, and Costco are a big no no.
2. Get outside. Barbeque, ride a bike, do yard work. Just get out.
3. Sleep in. That's all. Throw away the alarm clock and clock some serious Zs.

Follow those three steps and you'll have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for dropping by the site this week and be sure to come back Tuesday morning. And as always, be safe out there.

Apparently there's an abandoned shopping mall in the UK that is now open to airsofters and zombies. We've already booked our tickets.


This just ruined my day.

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