• Call Me Maybe Batman.

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  • Hey Look, It's Friday.

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    The weekend is finally here. And it looks like it's going to be a hot one. Don't forget your sunscreen. We have a bit of news to report today. We hear that MRM/McCann is indeed moving its office. They will abandon their old digs at 32 Exchange and move it on up to the World Trade Center at City Creek. The move is set for August 17th. We have been promised pictures of the new space. From what we hear, the new office is going to pay homage to the agencies roots in Utah. MRM/McCann was formerly Boede and Partners until they were purchased by Interpublic Group. So good luck on the movie MRM/McCann.
    Now go and enjoy your weekend everybody. Stay safe out there.

    A little public speaking advice from Ze Frank.

  • The Art of Game of Thrones.

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    We want to give everyone involved with Game of Thrones a high five. It's on our bucket list.

  • Pinterest Find.

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    We've been lucky to find a lot of locals on Pinterest. Today, we're going to send you toward MRM/McCann copywriter Josh Ormond (http://pinterest.com/ldsk8r/). He seems to unearth a lot of great stuff.

  • Best Typo Ever.

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    This bad boy showed up in downtown SLC the other day. Classic.

  • Stan Evans: #upforadventure.

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    Local photographer, Stan Evans set out with a motorcycle, a camera, and desire to roam. The result was #upforadventure. It's a great reminder to us all to get up and get out. The world is a big awesome place, and we should go do awesome things in it.

    #upforadventure from Stan Evans Photography on Vimeo.

  • Twilight Concert Series: Divine Fits / Austra.

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    Tonight, Divine Fits is stepping in for the Passion Pit who decided to be the first band in 25 years to cancel on the Twilight Concert Series. Austra will be there too. Gates up at 5 PM, and don't forget to bring a 5 spot to get in.

  • Old but Still Very Cool.

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    We keep an archive of work that we dig. This spot is nearly two years old, but it gets us every time. One of our favorites. Enjoy.

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