• The Rockie Awards.

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    AAF-Utah wants to reward all us sad sacks working in the trenches of the ad industry. So they created the Rockie Awards. Between now and November 9th, you can nominate people you think are deserving of some recognition. Be it an art director, copywriter, account manager (yeah right). The winners will get the keys to the city and a mansion on the dark side of the Moon right next to that crashed Decepticon ship. Ok, we made that up, but the winners will get some well deserved props. So head over to the Rockie Awards Facebook page and nominate us, we mean whoever you feel is deserving.


  • Jobs for Everyone.

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    Check it out. We have a lot of new jobs that just posted. So check out the Jobs page and find that perfect job.

  • StruckAxiom's Kyle Snarr Interviewed.

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    You know Kyle Snarr right? Well if you don't you should (@kyality). He was recently interviewed by City Home Collective. Kyle unloads some pearls of wisdom, so take a moment and get to know StruckAxiom's Kyle Snarr.


  • Boikzmoid Is Tomorrow. Be There.

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    Just a reminder to get your asses to Boikzmoid tomorrow. And to sweeten the deal, if you register at slc.aiga.org you get this wicked-ass letterpress poster.

  • RIESTER Comes to the Rescue.

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    RIESTER took pity on us and sent a link to one of their older spots. We had forgotten about their End Meth Now work. The spot still holds as much power two years later. Fantastic work guys. And thanks for dropping us a line.

  • New Jobs.

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    We published some new jobs over the weekend. Check them out in the Jobs Page. And don't forget that Jibe Media is looking for a junior designer.

  • Our Big Wheel Heros are Back.

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    60 MPH down Powder Mountain on a big wheel. We're surprised they don't tow a trailer to haul their massive balls. Blake and Scott, we salute you.

  • Hey Look, It's Friday!

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    Well, well, well. Look who's here, the weekend. Good work everyone. Now it's time to take it easy and enjoy some weekend fun. Thanks for dropping by the site this week. We had a lot of fun this week. We are super stoked on the awesomeness coming out of SLC. We really appreciate everyone that sent in work and tips. You guys are great, keep it up. The Jobs page has been going crazy lately. And Jibe Media is still looking for a junior designer so get your book together and get in touch with Jibe. Now go enjoy your weekend, we'll see you back here on Monday. Stay safe out there.

    Motor Mouth Jones is a hero in our books. We always wanted to be like him, but we could never get past that awkward spraying spit all over everyone stage. So when we saw this video, lets just say there was a lot of spit flying in the office.

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