• New Jobs.

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    We have just posted a heap of new job opportunities. Positions ranging from a motion designer to a project manager. Check out the Jobs Page and browse around.

  • ThomasARTS and Their Cheapsters.

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    The quest to find the cheapest sad sack in all of Utah is about to begin. ThomasARTS and Zion's Bank are hosting an online competition and it starts soon. So the good people at ThomasARTS provided a teaser.

  • McCann Knows how to Party.

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    The quiet giant that is McCann SLC does know how to throw down a proper Halloween celebration. From what we hear there was a pumpkin carving contest, costume contest, and expensive beer. Sounds wicked awesome. Good work McCann.

  • BYUAdlab likes to Party.

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    Props to the Adlab for the best pumpkin display of the season.

  • StruckAxiom Knows how to Party.

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    We hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween. StruckAxiom sure did. We grabbed a bunch of photos from their Facebook page, and we thought we'd share it with you.

    That's a good looking groupThat's a good looking group

    Our personal favorites.Our personal favorites.


  • Cops and Zombies.

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    R&R Partners just released some new work to combat drunk driving. Zombies Against Drunk Driving has a landing page and a YouTube channel full of drunken zombie fun. And seeing how it's Halloween, we couldn't think of a more appropriate time to post it.


  • Lots of New Jobs.

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    We had a lot of new jobs posted over the weekend. So jump over to the Jobs Page and check them out.

  • Hey Look, It's Friday!

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    Lay down your burdens friends, Friday is here to cool our thoughts, lighten our souls, and usher us into relaxation. It's a good day. Now you can start making all your wicked cool Halloween plans. Speaking of the holiday, we want to see your agency Halloween party. Send us pictures and a description. We'll post them up on the site and you can brag about how awesome your party was. Thanks for dropping by the site. Huge thank you to everyone that sent us tips and work. Keep it up. Enjoy the weekend everybody, and as always, be safe out there.

    Yeah, we can't do any of these things. But hot damn are they cool to watch over and over again.

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