• Our Big Wheel Heros are Back.

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    60 MPH down Powder Mountain on a big wheel. We're surprised they don't tow a trailer to haul their massive balls. Blake and Scott, we salute you.

  • Hey Look, It's Friday!

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    Well, well, well. Look who's here, the weekend. Good work everyone. Now it's time to take it easy and enjoy some weekend fun. Thanks for dropping by the site this week. We had a lot of fun this week. We are super stoked on the awesomeness coming out of SLC. We really appreciate everyone that sent in work and tips. You guys are great, keep it up. The Jobs page has been going crazy lately. And Jibe Media is still looking for a junior designer so get your book together and get in touch with Jibe. Now go enjoy your weekend, we'll see you back here on Monday. Stay safe out there.

    Motor Mouth Jones is a hero in our books. We always wanted to be like him, but we could never get past that awkward spraying spit all over everyone stage. So when we saw this video, lets just say there was a lot of spit flying in the office.

  • All You Fixie Dudes Will Love This.

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    StruckAxiom and AIGA SLC are hosting a showing of BOIKZMOIND. It's a documentary about fixed gear bikes. We could never get into the whole fixie thing (well most of us, there's always one guy). But regardless this should be a fun time. The showing is Thursday, October 27 at the Salt Lake Art Center. Check out the AIGA SLC site for details. And here's a bit more information http://www.cyclingutah.com/news/struckaxiom-aiga-to-host-boikzmoind-docu...

    Don't forget about Dawn of the Deck tonight at Super Top Secret. AIGA SLC is hosting and it's going to be awesome.

  • DId We Mention Jibe Media Is Hiring?

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    We did. Oh, good because they're looking for a junior designer and we wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity to work with these guys.

  • Super Top Secret, Girls, Guns, and Grills.

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    We posted a photo awhile back of a commercial shoot Super Top Secret was doing. It involved girls and guns in the desert. Well feast your eyes on the finished product.

  • Now Hiring: Junior Designer/Production Artist Jibe Media.

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    Our good friends at Jibe Media in Salt Lake are looking for a talented junior designer. If you're not familiar with Jibe, you should be. These guys consistently put out quality work. Check out their site for examples http://jibemedia.com/. Now, click on the Jobs Page, and get your portfolio together.

  • R&R Partners Loves Vegas, and Vice Versa.

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    R&R Partners is unleashing some of its recent work for Las Vegas. They just launched a new site for Know the Code. It's fun and informational. Go check it out http://www.visitlasvegas.com/knowthecode/

  • Holy Crap do We have a lot of Jobs.

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    We are bursting at the seems with new job posts. Everything from an intern to an executive VP position just waiting for your eyeballs. Check out the Jobs Page for the details.

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