• New Editorial.

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    Check it out, we just uploaded a new editorial. Give it a read and let us know what you think.

  • This Is Freaking Beautiful.

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    A friend of the site shared this with us this morning. We were blown away. We want one of these.

    Exothermic from over x growth on Vimeo.

  • Salt lake Invests in the Arts.

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    Came across a nice little article on KSL the other day. Makes us happy to know that the powers that be still see the arts as valuable. Expect to see more cash flowing into the local art committee. Check out the article.


  • Welcome to Monday.

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    Let's start the week off right by watching a hopped up mobility scooter that can go 70 mph. If you were wondering what to get us for our birthday, one of these will do.

  • Hey Look, It's Friday!

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    We are so ready for some R&R. We're sure you guys are too. There is a lot going on in Salt Lake. It's a bit strange but when you walk around town you can feel an excitement in the air. Maybe it's the impending City Creek Center opening (can't wait to blow our paycheck at Brooks Brothers). Or it could be the 10 year anniversary of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games (we'll be partying like it's 2002 at Gallivan tomorrow). We're not really sure, but we're enjoying this energy. Thanks for dropping by the site this week. And a huge thank you to everyone that sent in work and tips. Can't thank you guys enough. So get out there and have yourselves a weekend. We'll see you back here Monday morning. And as always, stay safe out there.

    This little video put a huge smile on our faces. It's one of those unexplainable things.

  • James Franco: From Zions to Director's Seat.

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    Remember James Franco in 127 Hours? That movie was intensely beautiful. And it was shot mostly right here in our backyard. Well Mr. Franco has gone on to battle Ivy League doctorate programs, a band of militant apes, and now he's stepping behind the camera. He's becoming quite the jack of all trades. Check out his work for 7 For All Mankind Jeans.

  • Damn Fine Camera Work from Team Thirteen.

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    Team Thirteen produced this little piece of video radness for Browning. Welikesmall added the motion graphics. And we're left with something that's pretty damn awesome. Be warned, a bird meets its maker at about the one minute mark.

    Browning Guns Photron Slow Motion Shoot from Team Thirteen on Vimeo.

  • Ok Gone and Done it Again.

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    Ok Go showed up in a segment of Chevy's Sonic Super Bowl spot. But the full length music video that Ok Go produced for that spot is waaaay better than the actual Super Bowl Commercial.

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