• Brett Thomas Loves Utah State.

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    Brett Thomas of ThomasARTS recently painted this portrait of Old Main for a Utah State University fundraiser. It's nice to see talented guys doing talented things outside of the context of work.

  • Dawww, He's so Cute.

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    Don't you just want to run with this guy? We need a Basset Hound for the office, stat.

  • Epic Rope Swing in Our Backyard.

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    Holy crap this looks terrifying. We want to do it so bad.

    Here's the behind the scenes.

  • A Long Weekend Worth Digging.

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    Welcome back. We hope the long weekend was as kind to everyone as it was to us. We had ourselves a little SLC Egotist outing and hit the slopes of Snowbird hard. Now we're all refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead. So welcome to the work week, let's get cracking.

    This is how we should have be riding Snowbird this weekend.

  • Hey Look, It's Friday!

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    Well hello long weekend. How have you been? We are so looking forward to this weekend. It looks like we're actually getting some snow and we'll get a chance to slake our powder thirst. Thanks for dropping by the site this week. Great stuff is happening around town. We hear that everyone is pinned to the wall busy. Keep up the good work and don't let the man get you down. So go on, get out and have some fun. We'll see you back here on Tuesday. Stay safe out there.

    Be warned, this is hilarious. It's so hilarious, it's almost seizure inducing.

    stereo skifcha from xgabberx on Vimeo.

  • StruckAxiom's JouJou Gettting Love.

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    Check it out, JouJou is getting some love. There's a nice write-up on the Watts Architects blog. If you haven't walked through this fantastic toy store you really need to. There's nothing else quite like it in Utah. Check out the blog post here: http://wattsarchitects.com/blog/jou-jou-toy-store-at-the-grand-america-h...

  • We're Growing.

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    Today, we're proud to announce our second Egotist site in Texas. Follow all of the big state's best work on The Dallas Egotist — the 28th site in our plan for total world domination. Pay 'em a visit, subscribe to their feed, follow them on Twitter. http://www.thedallasegotist.com/

  • Great Dogs.

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    It's true, inside every good dog is a great dog.

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